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what is the role of a foster carer?

what’s the role of a foster carer?

As a foster carer, you’re part of a team. We simply can’t do what’s best for local children without foster carers, and the truth is, every carer’s role is unique. 

It comes down to compassion and care every day, for as long as the child is with you. They need someone to listen to them. To believe in them. As a foster carer, that someone is you.

the day-to-day

When it gets down to it, a foster carer’s role is to be there. To be steady and dependable. It’s something that becomes second nature – with a team around you, with support and training, you become the person who’s there. The person who cares. It could be for a day, a month or longer. And though each foster family starts the same way, the memories you make will be unique to you.

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