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Neil and Val: Fostering siblings in Newport

Husband and wife team Neil and Val have been fostering two siblings for the last three years. They live in Newport with their dog, Alfie.

the foster family

Neil and Val always wanted to foster siblings together. They were confident they could provide the stable, loving home children need to thrive. They care for a brother and sister, who have other siblings nearby in Newport.

“We wanted to be able to keep these children together and help them together. Their brothers and sisters are in foster care nearby, and we often meet up with them and their foster families so they can see each other and stay in touch.”

“we’re in a position to help these children and make a difference to their lives.”
Neil’s experience as a primary school teacher, paired with the couple’s love of the great outdoors, meant they felt they had a lot to offer foster children.

“We have a warm, loving, stable home to offer and we’re in the position to be able to help these children, give them new experiences and make a difference to their lives.”

Their foster children benefit from all sorts of fun and adventures, and know they have a safe home with Neil and Val.

“We spend a lot of our time outdoors with the children. We’ve been surfing with them; biking, go-karting, and it’s great to see them develop the confidence to try new things.”

“fostering to me is just special”

Neil and Val have really enjoyed becoming part of the foster community, taking the time to get to know other foster carers living in the same area, as well as our own support teams.

“Of course, like any family, with the highs there are always going to be some lows, but we know that our Newport Local Authority fostering team is there to support us when we need it. They’re the ones that give us the confidence to keep going. It’s great to know that we’re never truly on our own when it comes to navigating our family.”

We’re with you and your foster family – every step of your journey. Our team are always on hand to offer you support when you need it.

“when I see the smiles on their faces, I know this is what we’re doing it for”

Neil and Val give their foster children confidence, support, and all sorts of care. They see the difference this makes every day.

“Fostering to me is just special. Being there 24/7 for them, physically and emotionally, and watching them grow into confident, young people – well, there’s nothing quite like it.”

It’s not just about providing a home – it’s about showing love and commitment.

“We’re helping to build their self-esteem, making them realise their dreams and goals, and give them hope for the future. When I see the smiles on their faces when they’re together – I know this is what we’re doing it for.”

Neil and Val work as part of our wider team with our dedicated carers, putting the needs of their foster children first in everything we work towards.

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