What is Therapeutic Fostering?

What is Therapeutic Fostering? – Foster Wales Newport

There are many types of fostering at Foster Wales Newport. But they all have the same goal – to provide a place of safety, comfort and stability to someone who needs it. This could be a very young child, a teenager, parents with a new baby, or a child with more complex needs. 

All kinds of children need foster care, – can we change this bit –  and there are a number of different types of care we offer, such as therapeutic care.

So what is Therapeutic Fostering? Foster Wales Newport and My Support Team (MyST) have teamed up to tell you all you need to know about Therapeutic Foster Care.

What is therapeutic care?

Therapeutic care focuses on helping children and young people to understand their traumatic experiences. We help to find alternative ways to express their emotions in a positive way. Many children who have experienced trauma will have mental health needs.

What is Therapeutic Fostering? – Foster Wales Newport

What is different about being a therapeutic foster carer?

Being that significant trusted adult who makes the difference to a young person’s mental health by just being part of team. Giving young people the opportunities they need in life to recover and thrive. You will also see the potential in every young person, when given the right conditions.

Why does therapeutic care matter?

Those children who are cared for in family environments and in their local communities benefit from increased developmental and resilience-building opportunities. They are able to maintain relationships with friends, siblings, parents and extended family members which are otherwise disrupted by significant moves.

Care managed by one consistent team over the long term also provides opportunities for young people to develop genuine attachments. Which will prove so vital to their onward development.

“I value the support provided by MyST and when a young person stays there is a significant difference in this level of support. I always feel informed about each MyST young person who has stayed”

Therapeutic carer

Why foster a young person with mental health needs?

Fostering a young person with mental health needs is hugely rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to support young people, whilst remaining in their local community. It also enables them to live in family based care. When you foster a young person with mental health needs you are giving them the same life opportunities to grow and develop as any other young person.

The benefits of My Support Team (MyST)?

  • You will have a whole team around you and your family, 24/7, 365 days
  • You can gain expertise and skills in mental health and well-being
  • We will look after your own well-being, knowing that a resourced adult is the best thing we can offer to young people
  • You will receive a competitive salary
  • You will have access to learning and development, 1:1 and in a group setting.
  • Connected to a wide group of people working in this area of mental health and well-being

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